The ordinary diary of a maniac to rhyme

10 am - I barely woke up and my mind was already alert to rhyme.

What a crime.

I said shut up.

But she still wanted catch up.

Stop to do this stupid thing, but she

(I like to think that my mind is a smart girl)

but she is definitely just someone that twirl.

11 am - I was brushing my teeth, and was a relief, when I saw my cat. She was lost since Monday. And today is Sunday. She seems exactly like a bat. I like to call her BatCat.

1 pm - Time to lunch.

I cooked potatoes and beans

and it seems


I hate vegetable.

BatCat loves.

She has white paws like gloves.

Today is my day off

but I am sick, coff, coff.

3 pm - I took a cough syrup and it makes me sleep again

but it is time to gym, and you know: no pain no gain, so lets go.

5 pm - I am

You are

She, he, it is

I was studying grammar

because is not easy rhyming

There is no glamour

Just hard work

and I know I am a jerk.

But after all I love my life, my routine, my bean, BatCat, even the vaccine

that I had to take for this flu

and that glass of rum

that is better than medicine

My grandma always said: took honey, honey

I spent a lot of money

in antibiotics

and honey really works.

I am who I am, folks:

an ordinary person living an ordinary life, who really love rhymes,

because only whom

rhymes can see

how beautiful every word can be.

1 am - time to go bed

not so bad

every day is something like this ordinary show

no pain

no gain

you know?

about 5 am - I was dreaming

and for a little breath of time

I stopped to rhyme

Dreams can be really crazy, eh.