When I came to London, almost 1 month ago, I couldn’t imagine that the most important lesson that I would learn would be everywhere. Slapping my face with a soft voice and British accent. 

Mind the gap between the train and the platform. 

In every tube, every bus, every station, everywhere. 

Seems like a normal advice about be careful with the real gap between the train and the platform for not to fall and get hurt. 

But if you think a little further (and I really did) you be able to see how poetic and valuable this advice can be. 

When I came to London I totally jumped into this gap. Not literally, of course. But I jumped into a metaphoric gap, which probably is more painful than the real one. But much more helpful, actually. 

The gap is that dark and wet place that you probably will be alone and afraid. The gap between ignorance and ability is learning. The gap between passion and love is patience. The gap between everything which makes you reach a point is time.

The gap between A and B can be scary. But if you take advantage of the gap you get out of it. There are a lot of things that you only can learn at the gap. Actually, everything and everyone has been in a gap once. Not that clothing store.  

But see, you must mind the gap. Not avoid it, just mind. This is the lesson after all. Pay attention on the gap. Take care. Caution. Precaution. Put your mind inside de gap and then use your mind to put yourself out of the gap as soon as possible. The gap's ring is something like an Alice in Wonderland’s hole: fall, suffer, get up, get out, and learn - all over again. Shrink and grow. 

The gap is absolutely necessary. If the gap did not exist the train would not flow. The life would not flow. You would not flow. The gap is that spot where everything flows. 

Also you must be brave to leave the gap, because after a while you get used to the darkness and the noise thinking thats is the place that you should be. And it is not. The gap must be temporary. The gap must be a platform itself to push you out. 

Mind the gap between the pain and the conform. 

Mind the gap between the gain and the harm.

Mind the gap between the brain and the concern.

Mind the gap between the dream and the form.

Mind the gap between the day and the storm. 

Mind the gap between you and the norm. 

Mind the gap between remain and release.

It has much error on the gap, it is what makes a gap a gap. So, making mistakes set you free. The only way to get out of a gap is make mistakes. 

My gap at this moment has been the language (listening, speaking, writing and reading in english), and I am leaving the gap day by day. The gap between my dream to write in an universal language and really do this calls discipline and guts. 

I will never forget this gap and this lesson anymore. I can see the lights down here and it is not a killer train, is just hope. 

I have no idea if this text makes sense for a British or even in english, but made sense for me. 


Sent from my gap, sorry for typos.